Corporate Message

岩田 務

In April of 2008, AZ Co., Ltd. under the GLORY Group of companies merged with System Research Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to become GLORY AZ System, Co., Ltd., one of a group of consolidated subsidiaries of GLORY CO., LTD. In April of 2010, GLORY FSM Co., Ltd. was absorbed into the company to fortify its business base. Our SE, development and manufacturing services are consistently informed by the technical intelligence we have amassed through these mergers.

Some of our main products include "management systems for valuables (important key cabinets, management units for valuables)", "cash management terminals (SRA-30/PTS-200)", "interest rate display device (PDP)", "electronic entry platform (Branchnavi)" and "MICR encoder (FZ Series/FZA Series); Scanner (FB-30)". They can be used in any market, financial or retail. We also offer "train tilt control units" and "spinning machine control devices" as OEM products.

Our flagship product, key cabinets, was developed and sold for the first time in Japan by System Research Manufacturing in 1987. Since then, we have been in constant pursuit of product user-friendliness for our customers -- an attitude that has consistently kept us at the top of the industry and is apparent in the products we offer. We help our customers in a variety of industries streamline to realize strict and efficient operations, and bring a sense of ease and comfort into their business.

We are always striving to create desirable products for our customers and become an organization of great value as we abide by the motto -- creativity, passion and sincerity -- in our work to develop and sharpen our technical expertise.

We wish to have your continuing support and encouragement in the future.

April 1, 2021

GLORY AZ System Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Tsutomu Iwata

Quality Policy

To gain our customers’ trust and sense of security
Thoroughly recognizing an across-the-board consciousness toward quality improvement

Corporate History

Year System Research Manufacturing Co., Ltd. AZ Co., Ltd. Fuji System Machines Co., Ltd.
1969 Established
1978 Established
1986 Established
1988 Development of first generation key management device KB-15/30 Became a subsidiary of
GLORY Co., Ltd.
1989 Key management device KB-15/30 installed in Tokyo Tomin Bank
Became a 100% subsidiary of
GLORY Trading
1990 Completion of its own building
1994 Opened our main plant
2003 GLORY AZ System Co., Ltd. established
2008 Became a subsidiary of
GLORY Co., Ltd.
GLORY FSM Co., Ltd. established
2010 Completion of business consolidation with GLORY FSM Co., Ltd.


We procure eco-friendly parts from clients that are committed to environmental conservation.
We have enacted a "Green Procurement Standard" to clearly state our ecologically-inspired procurement policy.

Green Procurement Standard