Privacy Protection Policy

GLORY AZ System (referred to hereafter as "we" or "our company") abides by privacy protection laws. We recognize that companies have a significant social responsibility to handle appropriately and safely our customers' names, addresses, phone numbers and other such personal information (referred to below as private information) that can identify individuals. We have set forth the following policies for the protection of private information. Our company abides by these policies and continues to practice the appropriate handling of private information.

  1. 1. Our company will follow regulations or other criteria concerning the protection of private information, and conduct business with the utmost care in handling such private information.
  2. 2. Our company will acquire private information in a lawful and appropriate manner strictly for the purpose of execution of the contacts with our customers, developing better products and services, and providing useful information to our customers. If we are to use private information for other objectives, we will inform our customers every time. Furthermore, with the exception of the following, we will not release private information to any third party.

    1.Lawful request for disclosure.

    2.The customer cannot be reached for consent, and a human life, body or financial asset requires protection.

    3.When private information has to be outsourced to a limited extent in order to accomplish usage objectives.

  3. 3.Our company strives to manage private information in a safe and appropriate manner, make every effort to eliminate the unlawful access, loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage of private information, practice optimum security measures, and respond swiftly to correct any problem that arises.
  4. 4.Our company will establish a set of internal office regulations regarding the protection of private information, maintain an internal management structure for the protection of private information and constantly work toward improving it.
  5. 5.With regards to private information in our possession, if a customer approaches us (*see note) requesting its disclosure, correction, or removal, we will respond accordingly to an extent that's practical.

*note: Please feel free to contact us at:
General Affairs Department, GLORY AZ System Co., Ltd.

April 1, 2021

GLORY AZ System Co., Ltd.
President and CEOTsutomu Iwata