Cheque Processing Machine

MICR Cheque Reader SorterFZA Cheque Reader Sorter

The combined functionality of the Glory MICR cheque reader sorter range, expands the possibilities of your cheque inward and outward application process.

MICR Cheque Reader Sorter

Glory is committed to tailoring the right solution for each customer, giving you complete confidence in the efficiency of your cheque handling process. Our intelligent MICR cheque reader sorter range incorporates the most up-to-date image-capture technology, utilizing front/rear CCD cameras, a back endorser that enables any bitmap image to be printed, a large sorting capacity, as well as a high processing speed of up to 270 DPM.

  • Automatic feeder capacity 500 cheques
  • MICR reader for E13B or CMC7
  • Ink jet printer for rear endorse
  • Front/back colour, greyscale and black/white image scanning
  • Colour UV image scanning
  • Can be equipped with E13B MICR encoding unit
  • Can be equipped with 4 or 12 sorting pocket unit (max. 3 models or up to 36 pockets)
  • Reads MICR font of E13B/CMC7, endorses and sorts at a speed of max. 270 doc/min

Cheque ScannerFB-30

The FB-30 handles a full range of documents, giving you the capability to securely enable distributed processing instantly.

Cheque Scanner

The FB-30 is a fast and compact cheque scanner that is easy to use and scans cheques at speeds of up to 110 documents per minute. Durable and reliable, the FB-30 has the ability to read MICR (E13B/CMC7), endorse and capture a quality image of the front and back of the cheque.

  • Processing speed up to 110 DPM (with standard 6 inches document in greyscale)
  • Auto hopper / Single stacker capacity – max. 100 sheets
  • MICR reader for E13B and CMC7
  • Single line rear IJP for endorsement, or multiple lines (up to 4 lines) rear IJP for endorsement & capable of graphics print for logo, stamp and signature, etc.
  • High quality color, greyscale and black and white 300 dpi images
  • Single feed for plastic non-embossed card scanning (ID, license card)
  • UV image scanning
  • Ultrasonic double feed detection for special paper (option)
  • PC interface – image data and controls via USB 2.0 / Ethernet

MICR EncoderFZ1027 / FZA1181 / FZA2181

As a global market leader and one of the pioneers of the cheque processing industry, we offer "state-of-the art MICR encoders" that encompass excellent quality and performance.

FZ1027(Manual-drop feeder)
FZA1181(Auto feeder)
FZA2181(Auto feeder with Inkjet printer)

Glory is committed to tailoring the right solution for each customer, giving you complete confidence in the efficiency of your cheque handling process. We offer three advanced MICR encoders that deliver excellent quality and performance.

  • Reliable MICR encoding quality
    The integrated technology enables high precision positioning of the MICR encoding of the cheque.
  • Programmable MICR encoding format
    The MICR encoding format can be programmed as per a customer’s requirements.
  • Efficient & productive operation
    Multi-error detection alerts operators to mistakes when keying in information, mutilated documents, ribbon problems and other malfunctions; all factors that contribute to saved time and labour.
  • Easy maintenance for operators
    Essential maintenance simply consists of the replacement of the used MICR ribbon and hammer cap, by the operator.