Management Machine

Key CabinetKBS-130G

Glory’s KBS-130G key cabinet provides totally new solution to secure and manage key usage in your office, to improve productivity, operability and reliability.

Key Cabinet
Key Cabinet

Glory’s KBS-130G key cabinet provides a secure and reliable solution for the management of key usage. By recording when, by whom and which keys have been removed and returned to the cabinet, the process of authorisation of key usage is simplified, which in turn helps improve productivity, reliability and security. The KBS-130G achieves this by enabling strict key control procedures, with a choice of user authentication methods and restrictions.


Strict Key Control

Multiple choice of user authentication and various other settings can lead to the further reliable management of keys. Wall hanging type is also available in installation.

User Authentication

  • ID code + PIN code
  • RFID smart card (option)
  • Finger based biometrics (option)

Identification of Key Users

Each key can be restricted to certain users, so that important keys are reliably stored.

Auto-Recording of Users

Auto-Recording of Users A 50,000 use data log* can be automatically recorded. The records can track the key movements of users.

User Friendly Touch Panel

A 4.3 inch dynamic colour LCD touch panel is incorporated into the key cabinet, which ensures the cabinet is user friendly and easy to use.