Information Security Policy

Information regarding our clients, about our products, private information, as well as patent information (referred to hereafter as "information") that GLORY AZ System (referred to hereafter as "we" or "our company") handles and possesses are all very important assets.
Building a structure that protects and manages these types of information is exceptionally important to our clients and partner firms, and we consider it a crucial element of our management philosophy and code of ethics.
In order that we can respond to the trust we have earned from not only our partner firms but also from society at large, we recognize the significance of the application, maintenance and management of information security, we have set forth the following basic policies regarding information security;

  1. 1.We identify computers, networks and other information systems used for operating information as information assets, and take optimum security measures to protect and manage them.
  2. 2.We strictly comply with private information laws, laws and other criteria, as well as those set forth in contractual agreements that pertain to information security.
  3. 3.We have established internal office regulations concerning the protection of private information and information security. Our company executives and employees who use the information assets will be subjected to strict adherence of these regulations so as to protect and manage our information asset.
  4. 4.We will practice the appropriate application, maintenance and management of our information assets, under the supervision of the internal compliance committee.
  5. 5.We will maintain a system of internal security and consistently work toward its improvement.

April 1, 2021

GLORY AZ System Co., Ltd.
President and CEOTsutomu Iwata